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No one denies the importance of links in particular linkbuilder and the whole fashion world in general. If so, can only be confirmed, it is extremely important only. A good construction campaign remains a key role in any process of SEO. However, many of the approaches and methods used to apply the wrong way and not yield high efficiency. Today, a link building campaign success requires a totally new approach. Old approach to build up it’s quite that simple. Most people would start by finding and collecting a list of websites with PR (PageRank) and email to the webmaster high agreement on one or more links pointing directly to their website. Other common techniques include posting shoddy Guest Post, copywriter and inserted comments ... These procedures are relatively easy to implement and marketers can control the number of backlinks. Unfortunately, these methods will no longer be applicable in 2014 for the latter. Simply times have changed. The use of such old tricks on not only bring benefits but also harm the long-term development of the website. SEO mindset is slowly changing the method and gradually opens a new approach. Time will prove that such an approach would be counterproductive. Everyone old SEO methods are the same. Often it will involve such communication Zhuo; easily shrink or expand on a large scale, but at a certain point, Google will use penalties for websites that use these techniques.

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