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Back links and marketing Marketing that takes place among businesses or organizations though the internet is known as B2B internet marketing. This is also known as industrial marketing. The difference between B2B and B2C marketing is that the transactions take place among other business organizations for a productive purpose of that particular business organization. Inclusion of backlinks of other business webpages is another aspect of internet marketing. A backlink is a hyperlink that links different web pages to your web page or your website and also known as inbound link. Backlinks might contain parts of a blog post, a release in a reference press, a release in a directory etc. The main reason that businesses need these backlinks is that they determine the importance or the popularity of your website. Therefore this type of marketing is also known as inbound marketing. Backlinks drive traffic to your website and it helps to draw attention to your website’s contents and are also used in ranking websites and they should be convincing or credible and authoritative. Most of the time they are a clickable link on another site that will drive traffic to your website. Therefore it’s made clear that backlinks are the backbone of b2b marketing.

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