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How to promote your company A company, also known as enterprise, agency or firm, is an entity involved in the provision of goods and (or) services. You can promote your company with following ways: 1. Advertise your goods/services on social media Advertising of goods on social media like television, magazines and newspapers and especially in internet will make your company famous and consumers will be able to reach you, you will become famous and through this, your company will be promoted. We all know that a recognized company earn more than those that aren’t recognized. 2. Make use of a big local listing services like google Register your company with google so that anyone who wish to buy your product or want to offer you a service will easily search for your name in Google and you will be located. Through this, it will be convenient for the consumers to patronize your company. 3. Create a blog Blogging might sounds useless but it really help. Create a blog in which you elucidate everything about your services. What you offer, how you offer them and prices of the goods. 4. Join a germane/relevant online community and make contributions Contributing to a relevant community on the internet will make consumers patronize you because they will believe you are loyal, smart and intelligent; the opinions / contributions you made in online community will make them wish to have a business with you. 5. Giving out promo/discount Assuming your company is dealing with buying and selling of stationeries in bulk, if a consuner buys five books and each book costs $1, (5 books = $5). You can make it cheaper by making the consumers pay $4 for five books. This will make them patronize you more because your products are not expensive. And you can also create promo in which you give out books or other stationeries out for free. You can also create a quiz where who wins will be rewarded. Do not chase being rich but chase being having consumers. If your consumers increase day by day, your company will be promoting and from there, you become rich. With all this, i believe if a company can practice it truthfully, your company will be promoted.

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