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advertising techniques

advertising techniques effective to attract the attention of potential consumers and transform their curiosity for sale. On average, a person spends less than 5 seconds to read an ad. If the subject does not arouse the curiosity of the reader, this is a lost opportunity. A well-designed ad should be catchy and hard to ignore. most brands are associated with certain pre-defined characters. The title must promise a benefit to the consumer, because in most cases it is the title that sells the product more than images. many advertisers attract attention by provoking the readers of emotion. An emotional reaction is by far the most powerful motive to make decisions. Indeed, consumers may be more attracted to products and services that reassure. and also eye tracking aims to measure eye movement. This will follow very precisely the path taken by the look face to an image. The interest in the world of advertising is to see where consumers put their eyes facing an advertisement for that advertising can bring the best value in their products and therefore encourage the purchase. Tests on consumers who are unaware of the experience allows for data from a relentless precision. The slightest movement is perceived and is recorded by an interface that the consumer does not see. many commercials known people in their ads thereby affect people of all ages, the consumer partnering with the rewarding personality which boasts his product. with the development of digital technology, new advertisingtechniques appeared. Three main technical challenges raised at present. This is the split screen, interactive advertising and virtual advertising or sponsorship. The challenge is to manage to reconcile these new processes with the rules on advertising.

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