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industrial internet marketing

Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer or service provider, there is a strategy that is unique to you. We help you identify how best to target your users within a budget that makes sense for you. Your sales cycle is often times a longer one and our goal is to be your digital marketing partner for the long haul. Our B-SMART Method™ has helped us effectively and efficiently market our clients. It has also opened up opportunities in new markets for them.industrial internet marketing Are you focused on 10-20 keywords? Here’s an example that might help you use the B-SMART Method™ to find your key audience: Client: I want to show up on Google for Fabricator, Custom Fabricator & Metal Fabricator. Top-spot Team Member: So you will fabricate all metals? Titanium, Carbon, Stainless? And, all sizes? Client: Not all, just aluminum and stainless. We fabricate large parts, nothing small and earn money and earn and earn. Top-spot Team Member: Okay, so showing up on Google for fabricator can get you traffic for plastics fabricator (peek, delrin, kynar), and a variety of other phrases that might be a reach. We know if someone calls you for 316 stainless fabrication, or aluminum 42’ fabrication, they’re most likely up your alley.

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