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business to business digital marketing

The rapid development of the internet has led to profound changes in the behavior of corporate clients, including behavior before, during and after the sale. This overarching influence over the entire customer experience. Marketing online activities need to capture and adapt to new opportunities such as new options for media extraversion and introversion (inbout and outbound media), the increased use of collaboration tools ( Collaborative tools), the development of e-commerce platform (e-commerce platform). Is a leading digital marketing channels, while cost a seemingly = 0, business to business digital marketing a business channel now quite hot today and was more successful enterprise application? And now you? So now it’s time for B2B (Business to Business) should take steps to correct and accurate business strategy! -> Its application in business - technology application in good time! will be advertising and marketing strategy right and accurate! Group corporate clients wishing to inquire huge. In the document, should take into account the depth information. The most effective marketing message will dwell analyze whether the product or service you provide can help customers save much time, money and resources. Because of this difference that using B2B marketing tools will also be different than the consumer (B2C). Google has done a survey of 600 people in the B2B sector to measure the effectiveness of the tools and trend forecasting future use.

business to business digital marketing. Business is a business in which the purchased goods or merchandise from different companies and resulted in the collection of certain goods, then sold without substantial Thoel on these goods. The company’s business is the economic unit that check out business activity in the market. Business to differentiate and sell wholesale sectors. Allohyan in most business functions are as follows: Function traverse distances (transfer of goods into production and Moanin to customers) circumference, Function pleat times (using logistics), Function selection (collect different products manufacturers a way that encourages consumption), Quality function Quantity function (display of goods in quantities to harmonize the needs of customers), The function of advance coverage (sulfate granting temporary cover for Moanin and customers), Function services (finish off commercial and technical services such as replacement, catering, bring PARTS components, assembly, repair), Function information and consultation (information on the descriptions of the products and the possibilities of their use), The function of the impact on the market (the dissemination of information to market participants, particularly for customers), Civilization function E-marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing for a particular good or service on the Internet. Internet has become now occupies a space no matter how Mnhyatna daily for being the source of the important sources for information compete with the traditional media in the dissemination of news or information such as newspapers, magazines, audio-visual and radio stations, besides consideration of this network is an important source of knowledge, it has become possible with the development of technical aids in it, Osubhb possible to create a new space can be invested in the marketing of certain goods or services and aids and the evolution of the different ways in support of the marketing process.

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